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Nothing says bold (and confident!) like a bright red sock. Perfect all year round to put a pep in your step, our comfortable, yet stylish men’s red socks will truly make a statement piece in your wardrobe. Vibrant and bold, our men’s red socks are timeless and the perfect addition to any outfit. Brilliant for spring, daring for summer, tonal for autumn, and festive for winter, red is a staple colour for all-round fun.
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Men's Bear and Barbell Socks - Burgundy
Men's Bearbell Socks
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Men's Bamboo Lobster Socks - Black
Men's Bamboo Lobster Socks
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Men's Dress Socks - Beetle Mania
Men's "Beetle Mania" Socks
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Men's Hot Stuff Socks - Black
Men's Hot Stuff Socks
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Men's Santa Baby Socks - Green
Men's Santa Baby Socks
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Men's dress socks - F Bomb
Men's "F Bomb" Socks
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Men's Santa's Reindeer Socks - Red
Men's Dasher Dancer Socks
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Men's Men's Mythical Kissmas Socks - Red
Men's Mythical Kissmas Socks
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Recycled Wool - Monarch Butterfly Socks Made In USA | Socksmith
Outlands Recycled Wool - Sized For All "Monarchs" Socks
Regular price £17.99
Men's Awesome Possum Socks
Men's Awesome Possum Socks
Regular price £9.99
Subtly is not our strong suit and we’re glad it’s not the case! Our men’s red socks collection boasts exciting patterns, blazing hues and deep shades, guaranteed to enhance your everyday fashion and add a cheery disposition to your demeanour. From brighter shades of cherry and crimson to darker hues of scarlet, ruby and maroon, we have a spectacular range of men’s red socks to choose between. Our collection also encompasses a variety of designs that suit every style, from the understated to loud patterns that really do the talking. If you’re a red fanatic, we’ve got a pair for every occasion! Made from the finest materials, such as recycled wool, bamboo and rich cotton, our red socks are long-lasting, durable and still retain their colour after a number of washes.