Men's Socks

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Men's Pug Socks - Brown
Men's Pugs Socks
Regular price £9.99
Men's Bigfoot Socks - Black
Men's Bigfoot Socks
Regular price £9.99
Men's Bear and Barbell Socks - Burgundy
Men's Bearbell Socks
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Men's Drum Socks - Blue
Men's Drum Solo Socks
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Men's Griffin Socks - Red
Men's Griffin Socks
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Men's Santa's Reindeer Socks - Red
Men's Dasher Dancer Socks
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Men's Men's Mythical Kissmas Socks - Red
Men's Mythical Kissmas Socks
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Men's Getting Lucky Socks - Blue
Men's Getting Lucky Socks
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Men's Dress Socks - Beetle Mania
Men's "Beetle Mania" Socks
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Men's dress socks - F Bomb
Men's "F Bomb" Socks
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Recycled Wool - Monarch Butterfly Socks Made In USA | Socksmith
Outlands Recycled Wool - Sized For All "Monarchs" Socks
Regular price £17.99

It’s all in the details. Great socks equal great style. From sushi to golf, beers to dogs, whatever your taste we’ve got the men’s socks for you. Express yourself with a pair of striking, vibrant men’s socks that are sure to get you noticed. Let your personality out.

The perfect present all year round; Valentine’s, Halloween, birthdays and Christmas, we’ve got you covered! You can never have too many pairs. Pulling on a fresh pair every morning helps to start your day the right way by putting a smile on your face. Add some fun to the everyday and choose the pair that best suits you.

Banish those holey socks and invest in a few pairs made from the highest of quality fabrics, bamboo, cotton and recycled wool (to name a few). Our socks are specially designed to regulate your body temperature, keeping you cool when it’s hot and warm when it’s not.

For the fun-loving, we have many pairs of novelty men’s socks to mark various occasions, tv shows, trends and puns. Take our pair of Dog For President Socks as an example! If you’re a sports fanatic, a science whizz, a foodie or a lover of everything fluffy then look no further.