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Staff Picks

At Socksmith, No Boring Socks is our policy, and it also applies to our staff! So in the spirit of all things snazzy, the team at Socksmith have pulled together our favourite designs that keep us feeling fashion-forward. We’ve tried and tested all of these pairs and can wholeheartedly confirm that these are the best. 

Whether you’re shopping for women’s socks or men’s socks, we’ve got the perfect pair. Express your uniqueness with designs that show off your personality and sense of style. 

Shop our staff favourites below.

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Women's Novelty Crew Socks
Women's "Taiyaki Cat" Socks
Regular price £9.99
Women's Dirty Laundry Socks - Pink
Dirty Laundry Socks
Regular price £9.99
Men's Vintage Sprite Socks - Blue
Men's Vintage Sprite Socks
Regular price £9.99 £7.99 Sale
Women's Vintage Fanta Socks - Blue
Vintage Fanta Socks
Women's Vintage Sprite Socks - Blue
Vintage Sprite Socks
Women's Unlikely Friends Socks - Blue
Unlikely Friends Socks
Regular price £9.99
Women's Good Morning Socks - Blue
Good Morning Socks
Regular price £9.99
Men's Nyc Taxi Socks - Heather grey
Men's NYC Taxi Socks
Regular price £9.99
Men's Coney Island Socks - Navy
Men's Coney Island Socks
Regular price £9.99
Women's Stork Delivery Socks - Pink
Special Delivery Socks
Regular price £9.99
Women's 3D Bedtime Snack Socks - Multi
3D Bedtime Snack
Regular price £12.00 £4.80 Sale
Men's Lion Around Socks - Blue
Men's Lion Around Socks
Regular price £9.99
Women's Aloha Floral Socks - Blue
Aloha Floral Socks
Regular price £9.99
Women's Mule Ing It Over Socks - Black
Mule Ing It Over Socks
Regular price £9.99
Women's Movie Night Socks - Blue
Movie Night Socks
Regular price £9.99
Women's Give And Go Socks - Green
Give And Go Socks
Regular price £9.99
Women's Sea Lion Socks - Blue
Lion Around Socks
Regular price £9.99
Women's Pit Bull Socks - Green
Pit Bull Socks
Regular price £9.99 £7.99 Sale
Men's Crinkle Cut Socks - Black
Men's Crinkle Cut Socks
Regular price £9.99
Women's Dia de los Frida Socks - Navy
Dia De Los Frida Socks
Regular price £9.99
Women's Yoga People Socks - Blue
Yoga People Socks
Regular price £9.99
Women's Tacos Socks - Purple
Tacos Socks
Women's Jane Austen Book Socks - Lavender
Jane Austen Socks
Regular price £9.99
Our staff picks give you an insight into the personalities and hobbies of our team and we are a varied and fun bunch! From the foodies to book lovers, sports fans to animal enthusiasts, we’ve got it all and our latest collection reflects these passions.